Monday, April 07, 2008

Time for a change

I was getting bored with the look of the page, it looks weirder now, but atleast it's different!

Things are getting much more complicated now. It seemed much better when we were kids, when we were able to get stuck in our own world, without much interference.

As a good friend of mine always reminds me, we are getting older, and soon, we will have responsibilities which we cannot shirk from. I keep wondering when, but it kind of seems like soon enough..

There are some particular moments, when you feel as if you were at crossroads with something or someone, with no particular help for direction. Well, there is help, its just a choice whether to accept it or not. In the end, whatever happens, will be the direct result of that decision. So the fear of losing or doing wrong, makes us step back and think, Should I or Should I not? or as the famous saying goes, "To be or not to be".

We have these moments time and time again, but every time its different, because each and every time, you are a different person, and the reasoning that you use each and every time, is very different.

So many questions, very few answers. The symptoms of a very, VERY troubled mind. I have tried to escape from the very thought of thinking. To be in a different state, so as to lose the ability to think, God only knows what all I've tried. But with every gift, so comes the curse. With every power, so comes the responsibility.

I have met many people from different walks of life, and each and every one of them has a different way of thinking. The saying that no two people are the same, is in my opinion, very true. Of course, we can always find similarities. It is in our nature to do so. But the truth is, everybody is gifted, in one way or another, it just takes a little bit of time, and a whole lot of understanding, to realise those gifts. It is the vitality of a person, of one's soul, that amazes me. When you interact with a person, for a while, if you're lucky, you will see that spark of life, of some kind of energy burst.

What is saddening is that, the way of life is only to suppress that spark and not nurture it. We're insulted, abused, hit, beaten like animals, only to inflict the same to those we come across, all this just to abide, conform to some so-called society. But all one needs is that one chance, and the right kind of encouragement, of course.

Some times, I feel I think too much, Sometimes I feel I dont. Sometimes, I feel I can change something, Sometimes, I feel I can make a difference . I have taken it as challenge, to find something, invent something, one thing that will change everyone's life for the better. If I can do ONE thing, that can bring a smile to every person's face, I will have considered my life's mission complete. What is that one thing? Don't worry I haven't found it, yet. But I will, someday.. A fool's errand? I dont think so. Better to go down fighting, I feel.

Enough of boredom for now, More thoughts next post. See you then..

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