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Ee desertum kadannu

Talk about being jobless! Just because you own a 4-wheel drive doesn't mean you know how to drive one, properly that is. Well, here goes one of the many mistakes that I've committed down the line. Sometimes, it's just better to sit at home and #$@#$.... you know what i mean..

I came back home from work in the afternoon when a work call came up and I had to go to Seef Mall to get the job done. It wasn't much really. Nothing got done, so i had nothing to do. heheh.. as usual..
So I checked the time, it was around 5pm. The time around which Soney, a very good friend of mine, gets off work. He wanted to check out the prices of some portable music players. SO.. we went around Manama to check the prices. All the while , I was thinking why don't we go for a drive somewhere. It sounded like fun so we called the few other people who would be interested in hanging out, namely Rajesh and Shilpa, two other very good friends of mine. They were interested. So we picked up both of…